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    雅思PPT Hello! ppt Colours ppt Look at me ppt We love animals ppt happy birthday! ppt welcome back to school ppt my family ppt at the zoo ppt where is my car ppt how many ppt my classroom ppt my schoolbag ppt my friends ppt my home ppt meet my family ppt my school ppt what time is it ppt weather ppt at the farm ppt my clothes ppt shopping ppt my week ppt what would you like ppt what can you do ppt there is a big bed ppt in a nature park ppt my day ppt my favourite season ppt my school calendar ppt when is easter ppt whose dog is it ppt work quietly ppt how can i get there ppt ways to go to school ppt my weekend plan ppt i have a pen pal ppt what does he do ppt how do you feel ppt do you like pears ppt good morning ppt what color is it ppt is this your pencil ppt this is my sister ppt do you have a soccer ball ppt do you like bananas ppt how much are these socks ppt when is your birthday ppt do you want to go to a movie ppt can you play the guitar ppt