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Beijing snacks, owning a high reputation and a long history, have different kinds of forms and materials which are carefully made and chosen.
Generally, Beijing snacks are sold at front of a temple or in the street market, so Beijinger also called it “碰头食”.
There are about two or three hundred kinds of Beijing snacks.
Beijing snacks can be divided into five categories.
Cooking class(蒸煮类)
Baked fried grilled(炸烙烤类)
Sticky goods category (粘货类)
Liquid food category (流食类)
Meat category (肉食类)
Thirteen superb snacks in Beijing snacks
驴打滚(Lǘdagunr )
Lvda Gun is also known as bean flour cake. It is the one of oldest species in Beijing special snacks.
Ingredient: yellow rice (Jiang rice); soy bean powder; red bean paste or brown sugar; white sugar.
Requirement: fillings must be well-proportioned; the snack are required well-arranged; the appearance is yellow.
Feature: fragrant sweet and sticky.
The origin of the name: the last step is that make the snack roll over in soybean flour. It looks like a donkey roll in the outskirts. Therefore, the snack is called Lvda Gun.
艾窝窝(Ai wo wo)
     Ai Wo Wo, or glutinous rice ball, is made of glutinous rice or millet with sweet filling,    first appeared in the Yuan Dynasty, and were well received by the imperial families in the Ming Dynasty. Now it is one of Beijing's snacks loved by local people.
姜汁排叉儿(Ginger fork child row)
The ingredient of ginger fork child  row is ginger, and it has a fresh ginger taste, so people called it ginger fork child row.
奶油炸糕(butter fried cake)
It is nutrient.
If you had a visit, a host would stand treat to some butter fried cake, that is show you are a honored guest. It takes a higher value of butter fried cake than dumplings.
糖耳朵(sugar ear) It is also known as honey fried dough twist .
馓子麻花(Spread sub-twist)
焦圈(coke ring)
Jiao quan is a house hold snack in Beijing. It is a snack commonly haven with baked cake or bean curd milk. In Beijing,there was a Jiao quan King,a former cook in Nanlaishun Restaurant. His skill to make JiaoQuan was so talented that each JiaoQuan was the same in shape and had golden skin. His JiaoQuan was featured a scent and crispy(脆的).
萨其马(candied fritter): it was handed downed from a Manchu general.
糖火烧(sugar biscuits): it is made by steel stove.
豌豆黄儿(pea cake):it is famous for  Cixi.
蛤蟆吐蜜(baked bean cake )or 豆馅烧饼
面茶:Seasoned Millet Mush
Seasoned millet mush is a tonic Beijing special snack. It has a sweet taste, and can be eat at breakfast or lunch, therefore, most people like it.
The way of eating seasoned millet mush is particular. While you are eating, you do not use chopsticks and spoon, you just drink it along the rim of a bowl.
门钉肉饼:doornail patty
Doornail patties is a traditional food in Beijing.
There is a legend which claim to explain the tradition of the name. One Qing Dynasty chef, working in the imperial kitchen, made a filling snack for the Empress Dowager(慈禧太后), Cixi liked it very much and asked its name, and the chef thought that it is like a nail of city gate and answered it is called doornail patty.
Doornail patties need to be eat while hot, and put some vinegar.
Time-honored restaurant:门钉李 白魁老号



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