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《She often goes to concerts》PPT课件

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这是一个关于《She often goes to concerts》PPT课件,主要是1. Read the passage again and review the new words and expressions. 2. Write something about your idea of choosing birthday presents (30-50字).choose, lots of, go to the cinema,on television, never do sth., like doing sth.Preview1. To preview the use of present simple, adverbs of frequency and possessive adjectives;2. To practise the vocabulary.欢迎点击下载哦。


《She often goes to concerts》PPT课件


She often goes to concerts.
A: What would you like for your
      birthday party?
B: (I’d like) A box of chocolates.
Write these sentences with “ ’” (apostrophe).
1. Daming    uncle likes books, but he 
    doesn   like football.
2. Betty   aunt and uncle like the cinema.
    Their favourite film is Lord of the 
3. Tony   sister often buys CDs by her
     favourite singers.
4. Lingling    father doesn   go to
    football matches. He watches TV.
5. Daming   mother doesn  wear jeans.
1. Jim buys a new bike ___ himself.
    A. to              B. for             C. on
2. She likes ____ and she reads ___ book.
   A. reading;  a lot    B. reading; lots of
   C. to read; lot of
3. He __ sees some films on the computer.
    A.  usually     B. never         C. so
1. His favorite food is rice.
    He _____ rice ____.
2. She plays the piano and likes to sing.  (改为否定句)
    She _______ ____ the piano __ like
    to sing.
3. He often goes to the cinema.
    ____ he often ___ to the cinema?
4. Betty’s aunt and uncle live in the USA. (就划线部分提问)
    ______ __ Betty’s aunt and uncle ___?
5. We often read English novels.
     ____ ____ English novels.
1. 她没有多少衣服。
    She ______ ____ ___ any clothes.
5. 你和谁一起去音乐会?
    Who do you __ __ ___ _______ with?
6. 你昨天看足球比赛了吗?
    Did you _____ ___ _______ ______

《She often goes to concerts》PPT课件3:这是一个关于《She often goes to concerts》PPT课件3,主要是Write a note。Dear_____,Thanksgiving Day is coming. I’d like to choose…for you.Because you (usually/ always/ often)…I hope you will like it! Yours,_____ Write a letter Dear______,Thanksgiving Day is coming.I know you like…very much.I’d like to give you…as a present. Thank you for helping me all the time.___________You are the best part in my life!Best wishes!Yours, _____... ... ...Homework1. Give the note or the letter to the person and say“Thank you”. (Explain it if he / she can’t understand it.)2. 完成《目标》M8U2完成句子。3. 完成导学案M8U3阅读。欢迎点击下载哦。
《She often goes to concerts》PPT课件2:这是一个关于《She often goes to concerts》PPT课件2,主要是1.What do you always/usually/often/never do on your parents’birthdays?2.What does your father or mother always /usually/often/never do on your birthday? Choosing birthday presentsWhat do you like for your birthday?等等,欢迎点击下载哦。
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  • 《She often goes to concerts》PPT课件


  • 《She often goes to concerts》PPT课件

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