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《When was it invented》PPT课件17

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这是一个关于《When was it invented》PPT课件17,主要是包含What’s your favorite invention?Who was it invented?When was it invented?What is it used for?等等内容。欢迎点击下载哦。


《When was it invented》PPT课件17


Self-check 1 P48
     It is often difficult to decide on the inventor of certain inventions. This is because sometimes a few people may _____ things which are _____ the same. It’s hard to tell who came up with the idea first. Some inventions can also lead to other inventions ________. So some people ____ whether the inventor came up with the idea himself or herself. They think that the inventor used someone else’s idea to create his or her invention. That is why books or ______ usually _____ more than one inventor when giving information about inventions.
This special pen was invented by Liu Jie. He invented it because he always need to take notes quickly. It has three colors and is used for taking notes quickly. It is very useful if you have a lot to write down. The pen comes with a microchip that can store a list of common words that you will use. You can program the words you will use often into the microchip’s memory, then assign a short form to each word. When you are writing, you just need to write the short forms with the pen, press a button on the pen and all the short forms will change into the actual words. The microchip can contain up to 50 words and you can make changes to the list of words whenever you need to.
The computer
      Computers are becoming more and more important in our daily life. Do you know the history and the changes of computers? Computer was invented in 194. At that time, the machine was huge and it was as large as a big house. It weighed about 30 tons.
     The computer is a very useful tool in our life, in our study as well as work. For example, computer can send some messages to foreign friends by e-mail. The computer can open our eyes to let us know more. The computer is the most helpful invention in the world. It can help us with our schoolwork too. There are many functions. We can listen to music when we are tired, and we can play the games on computer for fun. It makes us relax.
         It’s hard to imagine what our life would be like if we had no computers in our daily life. And in my opinion, computers are going to change our life completely in the near future.


《When was it invented》PPT课件7:这是一个关于《When was it invented》PPT课件7,主要是了解一、一般过去时的被动语态1. 构成: 主语+was/were +及物动词的过去分词。2. 各种句式: ①肯定句: 主语+ was/were +物动词的过去分词+其他。②否定句: 主语+ was/were + not+及物动词的过去分词+其他。③一般疑问句: Was/Were +主语+及物动词的过去分词+其他? ④特殊疑问句: 特殊疑问词+一般疑问句式? 欢迎点击下载哦。
《When was it invented》PPT课件16:这是一个关于《When was it invented》PPT课件16,主要是了解和掌握★ at (one's) pleasure 随便you are free to come and go at your pleasure. 来去自由, 悉听尊便。★ take pleasure in以某事为乐,喜欢做某事★ with pleasure 愉快地, 高兴地, 没问题,主动句变为被动句所遵循的4个步骤,被动语态的几种句型等等介绍。欢迎点击下载哦。
《When was it invented》PPT课件11:这是一个关于《When was it invented》PPT课件11,主要是完成 用所给词的适当形式填空,完成句子,选词填空等等,欢迎点击下载哦。
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