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Ten Views of West Lake
Early Spring on Su’s Dam
Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden
Round Moon in the Peaceful Water
Melting Snow on the Broken Bridge
Birds Singing in the Waving Willows
Viewing Fish in the Flower Harbor
Sunset Glow at Leifeng Pagoda
Two Peaks Plugging the Cloud
Mirrored in Ponds
 Night Bell at Nanping Hill
White Pagoda
The white pagoda stands to the south of the west lake, facing the Liu He pagoda. It was built in the Five Dynasties(907-960) out of pure white stone, hence its name. The white pagoda has eight sides and nine stories, On each story, there are columns at its turning corners on each façade, and an arch door on every two facades. Both sides of the arch doors are decorated with relief sculptures of Buddha and Bodhisattva, displaying soft lines and lifelike images.
Local maps on sale beside the White Pagoda Bridge,
Mark pavilions and stations as guidance for visitors,
Why people are so fond of Hangzhou
While forgetting about the Central Plains?
The Phoenix Mosque
Situated at Middle Zhongshan Road, Hangzhou, ranks among China top four ancient Islamic Mosques ,which are also widely known in the Arabic world.
The Tome of Yue Fei
The green hill is lucky to embrace the remains of a loyal hero
The white iron is innocent while used in making sycophantic courtiers’ status
Hangzhou Silk
Hangzhou has long been regarded as the Capital of Silk.
The West Lake Longjing Tea
The west lake Longjing tea tops the list of Chinas 10 best tea brands. It is named after its place of origin, the Longjing village near the West Lake. The tea is well-known for its four best, namely, green color, fragrant smell, sweet flavor and pretty shape. In making the West Lake Longjing Tea, very rigid rules in picking and processing have to be observed.
The Tung-Po Braised Pork
It is a local dish named after the great poet Su Tung-Po.
The West Lake Silk Umbrella
The West Lake Silk Umbrella is one of the local specialties. Hangzhou was a renowned umbrella maker even in ancient times .In the 1930s,the first West Lake Silk Umbrella was made by the workers in the Hangzhou Silk Factory, using bamboos from fuyang and silk from Hangzhou. With its exquisite design and splendid colors ,the umbrella won wide popularity. Nowadays , the West Lake  Silk Umbrella is characterized by its thin umbrella fabrics and colorful design patterns. On the surface are pictures portraying the west lake landscapes, birds and flowers ,and mountains and waters.
Hangzhou Opera
Hangzhou Opera is one of the local operas popular in Hangzhou. It originated from the Buddhist for Preaching during the dynasties of Yuan and Ming and was popular in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The words were expected to guide people to do good things.
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杭州英文介绍ppt:这是杭州英文介绍ppt下载,主要介绍了Brief introduction;The West Lake;History;Tourism Resources;Delicious Food,欢迎点击下载。

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